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Third Party Applications

Third-Party Applications can play a relatively important role in the domain of Email Marketing. But, a point to understand in the case of Third-party applications is that, it is entirely dependent on the customer’s needs. If the customer has a need, then only can an application be integrated.

As of today, most of the businesses are interested to install and integrate Third-party application in to their existing email marketing software. It entirely depends upon your business structure, your target market and your target customers.

Indus Email with its exceptional and highly functional email marketing software has also got an option wherein a third-party application can be integrated. We will help you integrate a third-party app based on your interests, or in another scenario, will help you decide as to which particular application can be most suited for your business.

There are many third-party applications which can be used for maximizing the effectiveness of one’s business. Some of the well-known one’s are joomla, drupal, word press, face book, sugarcrm, sales force etc. There might be some other applications as well, rather than the applications mentioned above, which might interest you. Whatever the type of application you might be interested in, we will help you integrate your application in a seamless manner.