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Permission-Based Email Marketing

We are obliged for the fact that you are taking a keen interest in our Indus Email software. However, we follow certain rules based on which you are given the necessary access. We believe in order to carry out a smooth transaction between us and the customer; we follow permission-based Email Marketing, which basically means that you are in tune with our Terms and Conditions.

Trial Terms

Here you will abide by the trial terms, which means that not only will you take a keen interest in our trial terms but also actively participate in it. Once you become a subscriber of Indus Email Marketing software, and then on you will be eligible to use our email marketing software. Within this trial period you will be able to explore our entire software and the many benefits it offer. Once the trial period is over, you can only manage your lists, but will not be able to use any other features offered by our software. We carry a strict verdict on spams, and strongly antagonize sending unsolicited messages.


Indus Email strictly adheres to permission based Email marketing, and will not encourage the users in sending any unsolicited messages. We are exactly attuned with Anti spam policy.

Privacy Policy

*The Indusemail Privacy Policy was updated on 11/1/2013.

We want our users to adhere to the privacy policy, and on other end we also encourage our users to comply with Privacy policy as their vital and personal information can be safe and secure.

Safe Harbor

Indus Email abides by the U.S Safe Harbor framework. As we are interested to carry principled business, we strongly believe in following the rules and regulations as per laid down by the USA and other countries.

End User Service Agreement

The End User Service Agreement is considered to be a legal agreement between Indus Email and the user. Once the user reads the End-user Service Agreement, he will get a precise notion as to what are all the services a user can use to avail full benefit of our software.

Prohibited Content and Commerce

We strongly oppose usage of any unsolicitated messages by our user. Similarly pornography or content which hurts religious sentiments will not be encouraged at all.

Termination Policy

In this particular policy, either of us, that is Indus Email or the user can terminate the Indus Email Account as and when required. The termination can be for obvious stated reasons.

Affiliate Agreement

Affiliate agreement is carried out by Indus Email and the affiliate member. The Affiliate member who is interested to join us and take the business to the next level, as well as earn decent rewards has to abide by the Affiliate agreement.