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Social media and email marketing in perfect harmony

According to a study conducted by an eminent research organization, there are around 75% business leaders who have planned to integrate social media with email marketing in the year 2013. Social media over the years has gained a credible space in the online world, regardless of diverse cultures and age groups.


Real-time social reaction analysis

Indus Email will provide you an in-depth report which contains the reaction of social media users for the product or service that you are promoting. This report will provide you a clear picture as to where your product stands in the social media market.


Social Segmenting

Segmenting your customers based on varied aspects no doubt saves your time and money. With Indus Email marketing software you can segment your customers based on your social media platforms such as face book, twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.


Automated Social Reactions

With Automated Social Reactions, you have to just prepare your marketing message with the necessary links, and with the help of our Indus Email Software you will get social reactions on an automatic basis for a specified period of time.


Facebook Subscription Forms

With our highly efficient Email Marketing Software, you can provide a well-drafted form, with the help of which subscribers can provide their necessary information by filling in the details in this subscription form. As a marketer, this form will be of immense help to you in the long run.


Facebook Like Button

Any marketer or a businessman or an entrepreneur, would be more interested to know as to how many customers have liked their product. In the world of social media this can only be ascertained with the help of a like button. Our software has this option where you will be provided with a Face book like button.


Social Sharing in Your Emails

In today’s age of online and social media marketing, most of the entrepreneurs and marketers know the importance of Social media coupled with email. The integration of Social media with Emails is a game changer, for especially those marketers who want to reach a mass audience. Our team at Indus Email will help you incorporate social sharing in your emails, so that you can enhance your functionality of email marketing.


Social Sharing Auto-Posting

Auto-Posting is again a viable option for marketers. Most of the marketers believe that there are certain days and certain specific times wherein their particular blog or email newsletters or marketing message can be posted. For this particular option, auto –posting is a way wherein the marketer can set the specific timelines to post their message. Our email marketing software has a separate option for auto-posting.