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Social Media Marketing

It seems the word ‘social’ has catapulted the entire globe. There is a lot of hoopla going around ‘social media’ and the many benefits it offer. Social Media has been widely appreciated only because of the fact that it connects people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. People cannot only share views; videos etc., for personal upliftment, but also can bring in the business aspect as well.

Email to Social Media

Now you can integrate social media with your customized email messages and leverage the power of technology. Your email can be easily viewed in your face book page or twitter feed, and in return you will get likes and retweets.



Leverage the power of face book by integrating your email marketing newsletters or blogs and then check the number of likes through social media tracking option. Use face book like buttons in your core email marketing message and hence optimize your email marketing capabilities around face book.


Upload your email marketing content in your twitter account and thereby let your twitter followers know about your product. Simultaneously you can also put in your twitter links in your core email marketing message.

Social MediaTracking

With Indus Email marketing software you will be able to track your social marketing performance, which means you will get to know in detail about the performance of your social marketing through email.

Add Sign-Up Forms to Your Website and Facebook Page
Sign-Up Forms

You might be having a face book, twitter or LinkedIn account. Wherever you have an account you can upload the sign-up form, so that who all are interested in your product or service can subscribe for the same by filling up the sign-up form.