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Design beautiful emails with ease

According to a recent study conducted by a prominent research based organization, there are approximately 80% consumers, who will take at least some time out say around five to fifteen seconds to read the marketing mailer which has been dropped in to their mailbox.


Add content to your emails

The above study clearly shows that email marketing does play a prominent yet result-oriented role in uplifting the customer’s business to at least some extent. We have a keen insight on all the factors that can drastically improve the performance of email marketing, and consider Email Testing as a really vital part of email marketing.


Paragraphs & text

Proper formatting and alignment of text does have a huge impact on your audience. It is not only about your content, but at the same time how well it is presented. With our software, you can format and align paragraph and text from the different options available. Based on your specific interests, you can format paragraphs and texts


Image & gallery

Appropriate images related to your business page does add up value, in terms of may be increasing your response rate to some extent. Through Indus Email Software, you will be having a stack of gallery options to choose from, based upon your specific needs.



Add apt videos along with your email message through our easy to use email marketing software. A lot of research has been done regarding video blogs and how it can dramatically increase the customer’s interest levels


Putting up worthy headers do work wonders for your business message. Headers always give a tact idea about your product or service that you want to promote among your audience. We have excellent options for making your header look quite reminiscent.



Integrate your product’s core message through Ecommerce platform. Our software has got built-in ecommerce features, by way of which you can not only promote your business message, but at the same time leverage upon trade as well.

RSS Feeds

Through RSS Feeds, you can automate the upcoming content and videos which is basically wrapped up around your business core message. RSS feeds will drastically reduce your time on updating new content and videos. With our software, you can integrate RSS feeds to your website and other links.