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Partner Program
Become a Partner of indusemail

The core aim of Indus Email is to provide seamless email marketing solutions to companies worldwide. We want to share our strategic services with able and passionate partners who can join us, and thereby reap the benefits of this profitable move. We want you to join us a partner and take the revenue and business to the next level. In the process, you can acquire a good amount of income.

In this program, you will get to know about our email marketing services from the inside-out and thereby actively contribute your expertise in promoting our services. Rest assured there is no upper limit for earning commissions.

Actively engage in affiliate marketing through Commission Junction.

In this program, there are various plans for you to actively engage in our business. You have to refer your friend or colleague about our services, and once they join you will be paid a handsome amount of income. The plans which we offer in this program will motivate you to perform even better than before, and hence increase your income capacity.