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Marketing automation designed for small businesses

Marketing automation plays a major component in email marketing. There are umpteen uses of marketing automation, through which a marketer can make a steady growth in not only promoting his business, but also keeping the customers engaged on the upcoming events.

Indus Email understands the key functionalities that are required for the effective functioning of marketing automation. We at Indus Email precisely know how to effectuate the marketing automation process based specifically upon our customer needs.


Setup an automated virtual sales force

With campaign events and automations you can have your own virtual sales force. Have personalized campaigns send from your individual sales reps based on where the contact is in your sales life cycle. Your campaigns can also adjust based on whether a contact replied previously or entered a new stage of the cycle.

Automate the life cycle of your subscribers

Basically there are two types of subscribers, viz., the old ones and the new ones. You can customize and automate the lifecycle of both your old and new subscribers by providing them relevant information on certain specific timelines.


Have web content trigger new email campaigns

A particular page or certain pages of your website might require frequent changes, for many reasons of which some might be a new product launch, an upcoming event in the city, or an upcoming seminar etc. Our email marketing software is having an option wherein we will help you set your email campaigns with the required web page, so that whenever there is any product or customer related information that has to shared then the email marketing campaign will automatically be triggered.


Automatic importing of contacts

With Indus Email, you can automatically import both your old as well as new contacts as and when required, based upon your specific business needs. There is an in-built option in our software that can automatically import your contacts, thereby saving your valuable time.


Dynamic / conditional content in emails

Content does play a crucial role in packaging your marketing message which in turn will appeal and convince your targeted customers. With Indus Email marketing software, you can create dynamic content which will help you promote your product in a more effective manner.