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Raise your awareness on Digital Marketing:

This is where you will be able to acquire all the knowledge pertaining to email marketing and social media marketing. We are committed to help you on all the aspects pertaining to Email Marketing in the form of manuals, videos, articles, How-to guides etc.

Indus Email has a devoted team who will help you in understanding the current trends of email and social media marketing, and how your particular business can leverage by efficiently using these wondrous platforms.


Developer Portal

Get to know about Indus Email API, if you are interested and passionate to learn and implement from a technological perspective. Get to know our codification strategy and the various codes we use for the efficient running of our website and online information.

Advisory Services

We also have a keen interest in offering our advisory services to all those budding talent who are really serious to implement and fully benefit from the astounding medium of online marketing. We have an experienced advisory team who are committed enough to help you