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End User Services Agreement

Please read the End User Service Agreement (EUSA) carefully. We appreciate if you can take time and go through the points mentioned in this particular agreement. This agreement basically highlights what a customer has to know about our business, and based on accepting the rules mentioned in this agreement, the customer can initiate the use of Indus Email software. The End User Service agreement will be carried out between you the ‘customer’ and Indus Email that is we.


  1. Services : The customer will send relevant electronic content to their subscribers through the platform of Indus Email. The Content will serve as Email message or Email Newsletters or any other form of email communication that will be sent by our customers to their respective subscribers. However on the back end there will be a consistent support of Indus Email who will be monitoring the flow of the business communication. On the front end that is the Recipients (subscribers) will be able to get to know that it is our customers who are actually sending the email business communication. Indus Email only acts a support partner to our customers as an authorization; on the other end we also expect that our customers will expect our services for business purposes only.

  2. Site and Policies : We as an email marketing provider may change our website standards as and when required. Apart from site changes we can also make necessary changes or modify the terms and conditions, Anti-spam policy, End-user service policy, termination policy in a future period of time. However, what all changes or modifications have been made to our site or our policies, we will inform our customers, so that they are updated on our latest policy changes. We expect our customers also to support us and accept the new changes or modifications made in our site and policies, so that both we that is Indus Email and You that is the customer are in a win-win situation.

  3. Professional Services : Apart from services provided by Indus Email there is also a separate unit wherein we provide professional services. We will let our customers know about the professional services that we are offering. The customer once understands the professional services offered by Indus Email, and is interested to include professional services in his particular business scenario, then he can do so with a written consent wherein it clearly states that our customer abides by the norms to avail professional services and hence can undertake the professional services which has been approved by Indus Email.

  4. Free Trial Period : The trial period will be for a period of thirty days only. Once the customer avails our free trial offer by Indus Email, the customer will be charged nothing. The customer can fully utilize the features of our software and implement the email tactics to his business. During the trial period, the customer will have a certain limit, which means the customer can send only to a limited number of recipients only. If the recipients number is increasing, then we will block the recipients list, however after the trial period is over, the customer can avail our paid version which are basically monthly or annual subscriptions based upon the customer’s interest and needs, wherein the customer will have a lot more value added benefits.