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Email Messages as Amazing as Your Business

There is no qualm that every customer is interested to know the features of the email marketing software that they are going to purchase. In fact, this is the best way to deepen your knowledge about the product you are going to buy.

Choose from Hundreds of Beautiful Email Templates
Email Templates

We will help you create a significant customer driven marketing message for your business on some of the best email templates that we’ve have got. Our templates are categorized based on diverse domains, so based on your interests we can pick up a certain category base template, and then start developing you’re core marketing message.


We will help you build typical messages based on your business communication needs. This option can help you save lot of time as you can send diverse response messages to your customers as and when required.

Create Beautiful Messages in Minutes with Indus Email's MessageBuilder
Enjoy Industry-Leading Email Delivery Rates
Email Delivery

You will be able to know about the delivery status of your email. Apart from delivery status, you will get precise reports, which describe the performance of your email marketing message.

Learn More About the Data That Make Up Our Social Media and Email Marketing Reports

We will also guide you in tracking your emails in an effective way. By an effective Email tracking process, you will be able to get a lucid idea as to how many of your mails have been bounced, opened, read, subscribed etc.

Add Sign-Up Forms to Your Website and Facebook Page
Sign-Up Forms

Let your subscribers fill up the sign-up forms available in our email marketing software. This sign-up form can be used both in your email marketing messages, email newsletter and your social media platform as well.