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Automatically deliver a series of emails to new opt-in subscribers.

Immediately Engage Subscribers

It takes a lot of hard work to bring in new subscribers, and so there is not an iota of doubt that the very first priority when a new subscriber opts-in is to engage him. Once a subscriber is thoroughly engaged, then the customer’s chance of taking keen interest in your product or service goes up.

Through Indus Email marketing software, you can immediately engage new subscribers in the following ways as mentioned below:

Personalize the message by greeting the subscriber with his name and a thank you note.

Provide them action oriented marketing content, that will make them take action by at least further signing up for upcoming articles, blogs, vlogs etc.,.
You can set auto responding option to unlimited number of subscribers.
In the process, you can gain mutual trust from your subscriber base.
Personalize emails with subscribers' names and other information

Beautiful Autoresponder Templates

A template portrays the beautification of the core marketing message. Our team will provide the following facilities:

Our team designs auto responder templates for various themes based on your business needs.
A range of colors and shades to choose from based on your business culture and background.
A continual support from our team, for any query that might arise from your end, once the auto responder template has been installed.
The auto responder templates provided by us, are susceptible to all email clients (Yahoo, Gmail, outlook etc.).
Excellent graphics coupled with amazing text is what makes our auto responder templates flawless.
We will also custom design auto responder templates based upon your specific interests.

Set Your Own Delivery Hours

Pick windows of time you'd like your autoresponders to be delivered.

Do you know when your subscribers are more likely to check their email?

There are specific times for most of the businesses wherein they want certain marketing or business related material delivered to their customers.

Our software has got unique delivery features wherein you will get to know how you can set specific timelines, so that your customer response rate can steadily grow.

Track and Improve Performance

Eliminate the guesswork and see exactly how your follow up autoresponder performs.

Get an in-depth overview about your auto responders’ performance.
Get standard auto responders tracking reports.
Implement key tactics to improve your auto responders over a certain period of time.
Understand in-depth as to what are the key facets by way of which you can efficiently track your future auto responders’ performance.
Our team will help you gain a better insight for enhancing the overall performance in terms of auto responder’s timely delivery structures.