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Anti-Spam Policy

The Anti-Spam Policy is included in the Indus Email Terms and conditions and outlines effective structures for seamless functioning between Indus Email, Our customers and third-party if any. Once the customer starts using our Indus Email marketing software, then on it becomes the sole responsibility of the customer to handle all their contacts with utmost care.

However every customer of ours has to go through the Anti-Spam policy in order for them to understand our Anti-spam policies and also abide by the anti-spam policies till they are using our Indus Email Marketing software. We have zero tolerance towards anti-spam messages and as such we strictly prohibit customer sending unsolicited messages.

If by chance the customer sends any spam messages, then the customer becomes entirely responsible to indemnify for any losses occurred. In some cases, we may even terminate the customer’s Indus Email account. We encourage our customers to abide by the rules and gain full benefit from our software.

ISP and Blacklist Administrator Relations

Indus Email over time has built a credible relationship with most of the ISP’s and Blacklist administrators. If you are an ISP Provider or a Blacklist administrator, then you too can get in touch with us.

For Indusemail Customers

You can become our customer once you have read and signed up with EUSA (End User Service Agreement). This document EUSA is considered to be extremely important for our customers, as they can get to know all the relevant scenarios in order to conduct fair and profitable business.

Once the customer is fairly acquainted with EUSA, then on they can go through permission based email marketing and then start on with using our software and grow their business. We assure to take extreme care of our customers, and on the other end we also expect our customers to abide by the policies and regulations as laid down by Indus Email. Permission based marketing is not only where the customer abides by Indus Email conditions, but at the same time send their emails to only those customers who have opt-in by filling up the opt-in sign-up forms.

As a customer of Indusemail, you may not:

  • Gain a list of emails from websites.
  • Send your emails to customers who have not opt-in.
  • Send your emails to customers who have opt-out.
  • Purchase lists from unauthorized vendors and from those who are not in our list.
  • Add up your subscriber’s email id in your list, until the subscriber gives the permission.
  • Send unsolicited messages or unnecessary content, which is irrelevant to your business.

You may:

  • Send your regular email newsletters and email marketing messages.
  • Send bulk mails to approved lists.
  • Create multiple styles of email templates based upon your business category, and then send it to your target customers.
  • Integrate your email marketing newsletters and email messages along with social media to derive maximum benefit and ensure greater returns.
  • Use online promotional tactics to attract a bevy of global customers, and thus expand your niche on a global basis.